Dying Light 2: Stay Human – The Only Way Out (Mission Walkthrough) Guide

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The Only Way Out
 is one of the many available main story missions. It involves trying to gain entrance to the City Center

REWARDS: 250 Combat Points, 1500 Parkour Points, Immunity Booster, 2 Chamomile, Cordyceps.


  • Follow the quest marker towards the Bazaar, once inside you will encounter Carlos. Speak to him in order to unlock the ‘The Spark of Invention‘ side quest.
  • At the Bazaar you can also unlock another side quest (Cheers!) by finding and speaking to Julian.
  • If you speak to the barman, Urban, you will learn more about Barney. A man that is apparently a big shot within the Bazaar.
  • There is also a Merchant here too and a Craftmaster, should you need them.
  • Anyway to progress the mission you will need to head back outside, it doesn’t matter which door you take.
  • Once outside you should be able to spot a wall full of missing people posters, chances are we passed it earlier before encountering Carlos. We will now be introduced to Abraham.
  • Now that we have fully explored the Bazaar, we cannot complete this mission until we have managed to successfully complete the side quests that I mentioned above. After you have completed them Hakon should contact you.
  • NOTE: You personally may not have to complete these side quests if you do not wish. Though that does not mean you might not need to do them at all. What worked for me is joining someone else’s game before I had even completed these side quests and when I approached the start of the quest, Hakon then contacted me.


  • Once Hakon contacts you, you can then find him to the east of the map.
  • Speak to Hakon in order to trigger a scene, we will now learn about the bolter. Which basically gets its name for being fast.
  • When you are ready drop down to the ground below and unlock the entrance to the tunnels, it will require lockpicks to open.
  • Whilst down in the tunnels there will be many biters. However, most of them will be sleeping so you should be easily able to perform stealth takedowns on them. The problem is though, that we are in a heavily infected area and our immunity will continue to decrease for as long as we stay down here. In order to avoid turning we must continue to find and use UV Shroomz.
  • Anyway keep following the quest marker and we will reach a door, you know you are almost where you need to be when Aiden confronts a creature with the ability to throw infected goo. Try not to get hit by this as it will decrease your immunity rate by a large amount.
  • Continue on and open the airlock for a scene.


  • After the scene Hakon should get back in contact with you
  • Update Hakon regarding Aitor. You can find Hakon outside the Peacekeeper stronghold. Apparently he knows someone who might be able to help. Someone named Hubert Kerbatsos.
  • You can find Hubert by the ‘Larch’ Windmill to the south east of the map. Use the moving platform to reach him.
  • When you reach him you will realise that he is not actually Hubert, in fact this guy is just a waiting customer. So Aiden decides to wait and hope that Hubert ends up showing up.
  • After the scene we will then be tasked with chasing after Hubert, and we will have a 2 minute countdown timer in which to do so.
  • Keep following the quest marker and it will take you to a rooftop. Hubert can be found by the door to one of the GRE facilities.


  • Head to the quest marker and go through the building window. Once inside there will be noise that resembles a possibility that Maya is under attack.
  • Make your way to the attic room and you will find Maya, who is in fact a young child.
  • Apparently Maya will give us the Lazarus if we pay her 500 coins. This isn’t worth it as she will give you them for free instead, so don’t pay her.
  • With the Lazarus now in hand we can report back to Aitor.
  • After speaking with Aitor we will be tasked with returning back to the Bazaar, in order to find Lucas’s killer.
  • As we try to leave the building Hakon will want an update, this will lead us to having to ask Sophie about the killer. Continue on to the Bazaar.


  • Once you have returned to the Bazaar we will be introduced to Carl, who seems to own the area.
  • Anyway after the conversation turn around and you will be able to spot Sophie. Speak to her next
  • Sophie, quite rightly does not trust us. So in order to gain her trust we need to find work.
  • As soon as you enter the bar area you should be able to hear a guy calling you over. His name is Damien. Speaking to him will unlock the Missing Persons side quest.
  • After you are done with the quest Sophie should then contact you.
  • From there speak to both Alberto and Vincenzo (the craftmasters in the Bazaar)
  • Then speak to Sophie once again to learn more about Barney and that he got hurt recently… suspicious…


The Peacekeepers closed off the passage to the City Center. To get there, Hakon and I had to find a way around their patrols.


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