Dying Light 2: Stay Human – Unruly Brother (Mission Walkthrough) Guide

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Unruly Brother is one of the many available main story missions. It involves trying to track down Sophie’s brother, Barney.

REWARDS: 1000 Combat Points, 1000 Parkour Points, Molotov, Scrapper Hammer, Alcohol, x3 Rags, x4 Resin


  • Wait until nightfall and then head towards the quest marker
  • When you arrive a man named Donald will appear and ask for help regarding a nearby windmill. This is optional but doing this will unlock ‘Larch’ Windmill as a new rest area.


  • We will be tasked with helping Donald with the windmill
  • Head to the windmill and once you arrive we will have to climb it to the very top.
  • Getting to the top will require a lot of platforming and climbing.
  • Once you are nearly at the top, you might feel like you have hit a dead end. Don’t worry you have not, in fact on closer inspection there is a hole that you can crawl through that leads to a pair of ladders.
  • Climb the ladders and interact with the panel to complete this little side activity.
  • Our rewards will be unlocking the Sancho Panza trophy achievement and getting ‘Larch’ Windmill as a new rest area.


  • After solving (or not solving) the windmill issue, return back to Barney’s building. Back to where we were before we got interrupted.
  • Head inside the building and you will quickly be aware that there are multiple zombie creatures here, all asleep for now. So either perform stealth takedowns on them or ignore them.
  • Continuing on you will eventually find a radio and the body of Kojak
  • After the scene the game will teach you about investigating, pressing and holding the required button will highlight important clues. In this case bloody footprints.
  • Follow these footprints upstairs and to a room where Barney is currently locked inside. Barney is a bit stubborn so we will have to eliminate any threats that are nearby.
  • After dealing with the threats report to Barney and we will learn about his friend Birdie.


  • We will now be tasked with hunting for Birdie, the only clue we have is that he was last seen on the ground floor.
  • Head back to the ground floor and you should notice a brown door, if you activate your investigation you will be able to highlight footprints that lead to this door.
  • Once at this door go ahead and investigate the blooded hand prints next to it, Aiden will confirm that Birdie probably came through here.
  • Now we can head through the door. We will now be back outside.
  • Follow the trail to a nearby building, head inside.
  • You can find Birdie on the top floor of this building, inside a room.


  • After the scene with Birdie report back to the Bazaar.
  • We will need to speak with both Barney, who is in Sophie’s room. And Sophie, who will be inside the Bazaar.


Aitor suspected the Bazaar residents of harboring Commander Lucas’s murderer. My job was to gain their trust and uncover the killer. Barney’s injury made him a prime suspect.


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