Dying Light 2: Stay Human – Markers Of Plague (Mission Walkthrough) Guide

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Markers of Plague is one of the many available main story missions. It involves locating biomarkers at the nearby hospital.

PREVIOUS MISSION: Getting Stronger
NEXT MISSION: The Only Way Out

REWARDS: 250 Combat Points, 1000 Parkour Points, Binoculars, Billhook, Throwing Knife, Inhibitors Pack, 6 Scraps, Rags


  • Head through the door and we will get a tutorial on Night Exploration, which basically means that there will be more infected roaming the streets. Plus creatures known as Howlers are able to summon more of the infected. Stick to the rooftops and use UV Light when possible.
  • Okay our first objective is to reach the hospital.
  • Head towards the quest marker and when you arrive try to open the door, as you might have guessed the door is locked. We now need to look for a bus.
  • The bus is just west of the door, travel through it and we will end up inside the hospital.


  • We are now inside the hospital
  • In order to reach Hakon you will have to climb up to the ledge above using the white box and nearby walkway platform.
  • When you are reunited with Hakon once again, you will stumble across a locked door.
  • There will be some Scrap nearby that we can use to craft lockpicks.
  • Craft some lockpicks and unlock the door. In order to lockpick a door you will need to turn the pick on the left into the right position and then turn using the other pick. The more tension you put on the lockpicks, the greater the risk that they will break. Keep moving the lockpick until you find the correct spot and unlock the door
  • Continue following Hakon.


  • After failing to open the elevator doors, continue on and open the next door instead.
  • After the scene continue to follow Hakon down the stairs.
  • Here there will be a bunch of Sleeping Biters, try to navigate around them and avoid waking them up.
  • Eventually you will end up getting split up and the only way to re-join Hakon once again is to find an Inhibitor container


  • When you regain control head through the hatch of the elevator. Here we will encounter another Volatile
  • There are plenty of Biters here so either go in stealthily or take them out, your choice. Anyway we want to follow the various rooms and end up crawling under a table and ever closer to the Volatile.
  • After passing under the table, we then want to go through the following door to trigger a scene. This next room will contain the White and Green GRE Crate that we need.
  • We will now get a tutorial on Inhibitors, which basically increases your maximum Stamina and Health.
  • For the purpose of this specific mission we can only improve our overall Stamina for now.
  • Return back to the elevator and to Hakon.


  • After escaping the hospital meet up and speak with Hakon, and we will obtain the Binoculars.
  • Use the Binoculars to locate the windmill and Bazaar building, to the north west and north of your current position.


Hakon said biomarkers could be found at a nearby hospital. It was going to be dangerous. Could I really trust him?


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