Dying Light 2: Stay Human – Getting Stronger (Mission Walkthrough) Guide

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Getting Stronger is one of the many available main story missions. It involves having to follow our new acquaintance, Hakon

REWARDS: 1000 Combat Points, 250 Parkour Points, 10 Chamomile, 5 Honey


  • Proceed to follow Hakon who agrees to help us find a biomarker.
  • As we progress we will learn about Roof Groves, a new way to find vegetation and recourses.
  • On the rooftop we can find Honey, Chamomile, but most importantly in order to continue the story there will be a chest here too. A chest containing a crystal.
  • Keep following Hakon and we will encounter the Peacemakers, who are basically the police or guard of the area.
  • Following Hakon once again and we will end up reaching the chest he wants. Unfortunately darkness approaches.


  • After finding Hakon’s chest we will then get a tutorial on UV Light, which basically acts as a safe area.
  • Keep following Hakon and we will reach a building owned by a man named Cillian.
  • Unfortunately Cillian is a bit reluctant to open his doors, not really surprising since its dark out and monsters are nearby. Anyway speak to Hakon and try to defend the area until a scene triggers.
  • We can actually find a Tape collectible in here (Journal of a Nightrunner 1), its sits by the stash case
  • When you are ready go ahead and rest for the night.


To survive in the city, I need a biomarker: a device that would show the status of my infection. And Hakon — the man that saved me from the murderous crowd — knew where to find one.


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