Dying Light 2: Stay Human – Pilgrim’s Path (Mission Walkthrough) Guide

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Pilgrim’s Path is one of the many available main story missions. It involves the main protagonist, Aiden, coming across another Pilgrim named Spike.

REWARDS: 1000 Parkour Points. 1000 Combat Points


  • The game takes place 15 years after the fall, and opens up with our main protagonist running from the horde of flesh eating creatures.
  • After escaping, we then come across another Pilgrim named Spike.
  • To begin with simply follow the quest marker and make your way towards Spike. In the process you will learn how to jump. In order to jump simply hit the R1 button (controller), you can jump further by keeping the button held.


  • Follow Spike and he will order you to find some Honey and Chamomile.
  • You can find Honey on the nearby monument or bee nests from trees.
  • Chamomile are from plants, these are generally scattered all over the place. One of which can be found next to a nearby rock, whilst the other is sitting on a ledge.
  • After that you will want to use these ingredients to craft Healing Medicine.
  • Continue to follow Spike.


  • As you continue to follow Spike you will inevitably come across a locked building.
  • In order to get inside you are going to have to go around to the side of the building, to the garage area. Here you can crawl underneath one of the garage doors.
  • Here feel free to explore and obtain any loot that you find. Remember to take advantage of your Survivor Sense ability (Right Analogue – controller), doing so will highlight anything that you can interact with.
  • Once you head through the only other open door here, a scene will then trigger and Spike will join us once again.
  • Continue to explore the house and make sure to check out the bar area for a quick scene


  • Head out into the garden and your main point of interest can be found on the table. It is a letter to Mary (Letter – Goodbye Letter)
  • Spike will then want our attention, you can reach him by climbing up to the rooftop using the nearby vines.
  • When you reach Spike a scene will occur and we will receive the Grubby Bat.


  • Head to the radio antenna that Spike mentioned. As you make your way there, chances are you will stumble across our first bunch of enemies (Biters)
  • Biters are your basic zombie type creatures, they can also come in large quantity. Meaning you should not face them all on if you do encounter a large amount of them as it is just a waste of ammunition. Especially at early stages of the game, so just run for it..
  • Keep following the quest marker and it will start to get dark. Aiden will suggest that he needs somewhere to rest. The quest marker will lead you to a building.


  • In order to get inside you will have to perform some platforming, climb to the rooftop and drop down into the open room. Once inside, you will find a cabinet in one of the rooms. If you inspect the ground next to it you will notice that this cabinet has been moved. Move the cabinet to find the broadcast station.
  • Unfortunately when trying to use the broadcast station you will realise that there is currently no power for it. Hmm.
  • In order to generate power to the broadcast station we will have to head back outside. Here there will be a building, an outhouse.
  • Interacting with the outhouse will give us our first mini-boss of the game. Defeat it using dodges and any melee weapons you have picked up thus far.
  • Head back to the outhouse and activate the generator here, this will give power to the building.
  • With power restored head back inside and to the broadcast radio.
  • The game will then tell us about Safe Zones, which are marked with a little green house icon on the map. In a Safe Zone you can rest and thankfully there will be no enemies to worry about. Here you will also be able to interact with Aiden’s stash.
  • When you are ready go ahead and sleep for the night.


  • The following morning Aiden will try to interact with the broadcast radio, you can select whichever frequency you want for some random conversations. However, the main frequency that you need is 140.200 MHz
  • Head to the Metro Tunnels, you can access them by using the rope and swinging across.
  • As you explore the Metro Tunnels you will need to travel through the abandoned trains in order to find the Informant. Once you do a scene will occur and we will finally got the torch.
  • Unfortunately the Renegades have our informant and we now need to go and rescue him.
  • In order to work the torch simply press down on the controller.
  • If you inspect the door you will notice that they are locked. In order to progress we will need to break through the wooden planks.
  • Keep following the quest marker and swing across the various poles. Eventually you will reach a door, just beside it is a vent. Take the vent.
  • When you finally catch up to the informant, we will be forced to fight the renegade. This will also prompt a tutorial on doing a Perfect Block. A Perfect Block is performed when you manage to block at the correct time, this will then cause the opponent to stagger briefly. Making them vulnerable to attacks.


  • After you are done dealing with the renegade go and check up on the informant and he will give you a GRE Access Key.
  • More renegade will then appear and we will learn about parkour combat. Basically we can now run at walls and targets and perform parkour style takedowns. This will probably take a few attempts to get used to.
  • Anyway once the renegade have been dealt with, proceed to check on the informant for another scene. This will be our first time seeing Waltz and he is quite attractive, shame his mind seems to be on murder..
  • After the scene it will be time to escape the tunnels. Ignore any enemies that may appear and simply dart for the exit.


As I was escaping from the infected on an abandoned highway, I met a fellow Pilgrim.


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