Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem – All Print Media Notes (Breaking News) Locations Guide

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One of the unlockable trophies within Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem is Breaking News. This requires players to collect all of the Print Media Notes. There is a total of 5 to find altogether

This trophy achievement can be unlocked during  Chapter 3 – Siberiade

  • PRINT MEDIA NOTES #1: This can be found inside the building with the red poster.
  • PRINT MEDIA NOTES #2: Keep following the main mission marker until you arrive at the four white large water tanks. The note is inside the building here.
  • PRINT MEDIA NOTES #3: Head to the YCTNHOB building and you can find it on the chair inside the building.
  • PRINT MEDIA NOTES #4: You can find this near a bunch of white buildings. It sits on a red kiosk.
  • PRINT MEDIA NOTES #5: Continue towards the white building area and this final note is sitting on a chair.


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