Edge Of Eternity – All Crelk Forest (Mini Puzzle Solutions) Guide

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Eventually the story will take you to the Crelk Forest in search of Pursuing Selene’s Master, here you will come across your first set of little mini puzzles that you will need to solve.

They are actually both really simple and despite being in combat mode you don’t really need to fight anything. However, for those who may still be struggling below is a simple guide on how to complete both of these puzzles


  • GUIDE:
  • The first little puzzle comes as you near a bridge, this will trigger a scene where our heroes will try to figure out a way to cross this bridge and Selene will suggest that she tap into it using crystals
  • Start off by inspecting the white orb next to you and we will now be in combat mode
  • In order to solve this one you need to simply move both Selene and Daryon into the North and South highlighted square
  • The bridge will now connect and you can now cross. However, in order to do this you need to again walk into the highlighted square
  • We will now be on the other side, simple right? I told you it would be..


  • GUIDE:
  • Okay onto the last one now, you can find this one when Selene is talking about Anzud
  • Again activate the white orb pedestal in order to enter the combat mode
  • For this one we have a door blocking our way and would you look at that we have come ballista, are you thinking what I’m thinking?
  • Get one of your characters next to the ballista and fire it at the door
  • Once the door has been blown you can now walk your characters towards the highlighted square, move the camera angle around if you are having issues seeing this square
  • Once you manage to get your characters onto the highlighted square the puzzle will end and you can continue on..


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