Edge Of Eternity – Slay Dododilus (Hunt Quest) Guide

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The optional quests within Edge Of Eternity are split into two separate categories such as the Side Quests and the Hunt Quests.

Hunt Quests can be unlocked from any quest board that are usually found in towns and villages, as you defeat each hunt more will end up popping up so keep checking the board. Once a hunt has been slain then report back to a quest board to collect your rewards

This specific quest Slay a Dododilus is a hunt quest, it involves hunting down a Dododilus monsters

  • NAME: Hunt – Dododilus
  • TYPE: Hunt Quest
  • STORY OBJECTIVE: Homeward Bound / The Seed Of Destruction
  • LOCATION: Inel Harbor
  • QUEST GIVER: Quest Board
  • REWARDS: Fire Bomb, 90 Gold, 1000XP
  • DESCRIPTION: The city of Herelsor is rewarding anyone willing to risk his or her life to track down and kill a very dangerous Dododilus that has been sighted hunting nearby. There’s a disclaimer in small writing, in which the poster of this request declines all liability for whatever happens to the volunteer willing to accept it
  • Despite being a 0/5 star fiend it was actually a tough fight, though it was tougher to actually find too
  • This monster is very rare and I guess that is why we need to slay only the one instead of four like most of the other hunt quests
  • Anyway you basically need to just run around the map in hopes of actually finding it, it is the biggest monster in the Inel region and usually walks around solo and not in a pack.
  • I managed to spot it twice next to the Wilderness Shrine but as I said it can be a rare spawn
  • The Dododilus has two main attacks, Methane Stomach which causes it to breath fire and if you are hit by it you can then receive burn damage, and Tail Swing which causes it to swipe at you with its tail
  • So for this fight and if you are a relatively low level like I was make sure to first bring tons of healing items and secondly move out of dangerous red zones
  • MONSTER: Dododilus
  • LEVEL: 9
  • HP: 1296
  • ATTACK: 155
  • DEFENCE: 142
  • MAGIC: 124


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