Edge Of Eternity – Solna Plains (Razor Weapon – Puzzle) Guide

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As you continue your journey through Edge Of Eternity you will come across several different puzzles to solve, some of which are optional and some of which are story related

However, if you manage to solve at least four puzzles you will obtain the trophy achievement Puzzle Enthusiast, this is one of those puzzles that can help you unlock that. For completing this one you will also obtain several treasure chests to open, one of which contains a Razor Weapon


  • This puzzle resides to the North East, it features many electrical panels that you will have to stand on and will allow you to use up to a maximum of 1 party members, which will automatically be Daryon.
  • You will have a set amount of moves that you can make before the timer runs out, and if you stand on the wrong panel you will instantly be KO’d
  • Okay with that over with let us begin…
  • The first step that you want to take is to move Daryon to the North East panel
  • Followed then by placing him on to the panel on the right
  • Now head North and continue around the puzzle until you reach the purple panel. (NOTE: Do NOT stand on the panel next to the goal, we need that one in just a bit. Instead go around the puzzle and as soon as you are able head on to the purple panel)
  • Then from the purple panel head to the next panel to the South East
  • You will then want to be on the panel to the South, with this we should now be able to reach the green panel. The door to the goal is now open
  • From the green panel we now only have one panel to choose from since the other one is now fully electrified. So head North
  • From there we can safely return back to the purple panel once again
  • Remember the panel next to the door? the one I told you NOT to step on? Well now we can step on it, so go ahead and do so.
  • You should now be able to safely reach the goal, we finally reached the treasure. This time we will receive a Wildling Armband, Razor Weapon and a Celestian Alloy x2


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