Edge Of Eternity – The Volunteer (Side Quest) Guide

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There are many optional side quests to find and complete as you explore the world of Edge Of Eternity, many of which can be activated through talking to random NPC characters.

The Volunteer is one such optional side quest. It involves helping to train a military recruit

  • NAME: The Volunteer
  • TYPE: Side Quest
  • STORY OBJECTIVE: Pursuing Selene’s Master
  • LOCATION: Herelsor City
  • DIFFICULTY: 0/5 Star
  • QUEST GIVER: Nicholas, Woman
  • REWARDS: 100 HEYR, Recipes and Ingredients
  • As you explore the city of Herelsor you should stumble into a man and woman.
  • Apparently this man (Nicholas) is being drafted into the military but the woman beside him is unsure if he has what it takes to survive, thus she wants us to train him
  • We will now have to fight a bunch of enemies, thankfully only one at a time
  • Our first target will be an Okko, they are usually weak to Lightning based attacks
  • Followed then by an Orokko
  • The Orokko is also rather weak to Lightning based attacks
  • Finally our last opponent will be a Croctas
  • After successfully defeating all of them and after the following scene the side quest will then end


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