Edge Of Eternity – Herelsor Plains (Astryan Robe – Puzzle) Guide

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As you continue your journey through Edge Of Eternity you will come across several different puzzles to solve, some of which are optional and some of which are story related

However, if you manage to solve at least four puzzles you will obtain the trophy achievement Puzzle Enthusiast, this is one of those puzzles that can help you unlock that. For completing this one you will also obtain several treasure chests to open, one of which contains a Astryan Robe armor


  • This particular puzzle can be found next to the Ruins
  • As always start off by activating the white orb pedestal
  • Okay move one character to the North West spot (red tile)
  • Your other character then wants to head East to the purple tile. The purple doors will now lower
  • Take the character on the red tile to the green tile. The green doors will now lower
  • Move the character on the purple title to the next purple tile behind them (South East). This will raise the green door
  • Now move the character from the green tile to the red tile. This will trap them temporarily
  • Now move the character on the purple tile off that tile and then back on to the purple tile once again in order to free the trapped character
  • Now switch characters and take the character off the red tile and place them on the green tile
  • Switch over once again and move the character on the purple tile to the purple tile in front of them
  • Switch back over to the green tile character and move them back onto the red tile
  • Switch over yet again to the purple tile character and move them to the green tile, almost there
  • Then move the red tile character over to the next red tile to the North
  • This should then allow your other character to move to the goal
  • Once you have completed the puzzle you will be rewarded with the following; Gemstone (+1 Magic, +1 Haste), Mineroll x2 and Astryan Robe (3 Power, +6 Defence, +5 Haste, +4 Incantation Speed)


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