Edge Of Eternity – Herelsor Plains (Astryan Chestguard – Puzzle) Guide

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As you continue your journey through Edge Of Eternity you will come across several different puzzles to solve, some of which are optional and some of which are story related

However, if you manage to solve at least four puzzles you will obtain the trophy achievement Puzzle Enthusiast, this is one of those puzzles that can help you unlock that. For completing this one you will also obtain several treasure chests to open, one of which contains a Astryan Chestguard armor


  • Just after leaving the Herelsor Inn you will stumble across this puzzle that you can solve
  • Start the puzzle by inspecting the white orb pedestal
  • Then the first move that you want to make is selecting a character and moving to the North West space, this will lower the red doors
  • With the other character choose to head into the Northern space, now that the red door is no longer blocking our path
  • Switching back over you will now want to move from the red spot to the green spot, the green doors will now lower
  • Switching over once again head to the square that in the room you just unlocked
  • We now want a different character to step onto the purple space in order to lower the purple doors
  • With the purple door now lowered switch over to the other character and move them into the South West space
  • Choose to wait so that we can continue controlling this character. We now need to move them to the North West spot, almost done now
  • Switching over once again, you now need to move the character onto the red platform and then choose to wait for time as we need to control this same character again
  • Take this same character we just moved back onto the purple platform so that our other character can move to the goal
  • For completing this puzzle you will be rewarded with the following; Poisoned Bomb x2, Celestian Alloy x2 and Astryan Chestguard (2 Power, +3 Magic Defence, +4 Defence, +4 Haste, 61HP)


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