Elden Ring – Comet Azure (Legendary Sorceries & Incantations) Guide

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The legendary sorceries and incantations is one of the many trophies and achievements within Elden Ring. Getting them all will unlock the trophy achievement.

This specific page is focused on Comet Azure.

DESCRIPTION: Fires a tremendous comet within a starry torrent
LOCATION: Hermit Village (Mt. Gelmir)

In order to acquire the Comet Azure you will have to keep playing through the main story until you unlock Mt. Gelmir.

In Mt. Gelmir there will be a location known as the Hermit Village. In order to get there you will have to pass through Wyndham Ruins, where you will encounter the Tibia Mariner boss. As well as Gael Tunnel where you will encounter the Magma Wrym.

From Gael Tunnel continue on to the Hermit Village, where yet another boss will spawn (Demi-Human Queen Maggie)

From Hermit Village continue to follow the cliffs on the left to find a site of grace (Primeval Sorcerer Azur) and the hidden merchant (Azur)

Speaking to Azur and you will rewarded with the Comet Azure


Legendary sorcery devised by Azur, primeval sorcerer.

Fires a tremendous comet in a torrent akin to the distant starry expanse, the place said to be the origin of glintstone. Hold to continue releasing the sorcery’s power.

When Azur glimpsed into the primeval current, he saw darkness. He was left both bewitched and fearful of the abyss.


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