Elden Ring – Stars Of Ruin (Legendary Sorceries & Incantations) Guide

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The legendary sorceries and incantations is one of the many trophies and achievements within Elden Ring. Getting them all will unlock the trophy achievement.

This specific page is focused on Stars Of Ruin.

DESCRIPTION: Fires twelve dark shooting stars that pursues foes.
LOCATION: Sellia Hideaway.

In order to acquire the Stars of Ruin you will first need to get the Comet Azure. From there you will need to head to the Waypoint Ruins Cellar in Western Limgrave. After the fight with the Mad Pumpkin Head we can then find Sorcerer Sellen.

When speaking with Sorcerer Sellen make sure to select the ‘I have a favor to ask‘ option. We will then be able to embark on a task to find Master Lusat. We will get the Sellian Sealbreaker

We will now want to head to Sellia Hideaway over in Caelid. We can get there by passing through Church of the Plague. Here you will want to head north towards a cave that is blocked by a boulder.

This boulder is an illusion so just hit it and we can then gain access to the cave. This cave will have quite a few illusionary walls, so make sure to hit them in order to progress through the cave.

Whilst in the cave you will need to use the various crystals to reach the ground floor. Interact with the seal and since we have the Sellian Sealbreaker we should be able to remove it.

Here you will find Master Lusat, speak with him to get the Stars of Ruin


Legendary sorcery devised by Lusat, primeval sorcerers.

Fires twelve dark shooting stars that pursue the target. This sorcery can be cast while in motion. Charging increases potency.

When Lusat glimpsed into the primeval current, he beheld the final moments of great star cluster, and upon seeing it, he too was broken.


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