Elden Ring – Founding Rain Of Stars (Legendary Sorceries & Incantations) Guide

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The legendary sorceries and incantations is one of the many trophies and achievements within Elden Ring. Getting them all will unlock the trophy achievement.

This specific page is focused on Founding Rain of Stars.

SORCERIES & INCANTATION: Founding Rain of Stars
DESCRIPTION: Releases a downpour of star rain for a while
LOCATION: Heretic Rise

In order to find and obtain the Founding Rain of Stars, you will have to head to Heretic Rise. Here you will then need to solve the puzzle in order to get inside the building

At the top of the building there will be a treasure chest containing the Founding Rain of Stars.


The eldest primeval sorcery, said to have been discovered by an ancient astrologer. A sorcery of legendary status

Summons a dark cloud of stars overhead. Shortly after, the cloud will release a violent deluge of star rain. This sorcery can be cast while in motion. Charging increases potency.

Thought to be the founding glintstone sorcery. The glimpse of the primeval current that the astrologer saw became real, and the stars’ amber rained down on this land.


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