Elden Ring – Heretic Rise Puzzle Solution Guide

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The Heretic Rise Puzzle is one of the many puzzles found within Elden Ring. It requires you to walk along an invisible bridge.

Doing this will remove the seal and reward you with the Founding Rain of Stars incantation spell


Head to Heretic Rise and you will notice that the place has been sealed and we cannot gain access to the building. If we read the nearby book we will get a hint about Falling snow marks something unseen


Head to the Mountaintops of the Giants, from there search for the small bridge and there will be a path that looks like it could continue on. A path that if you end up following it, it could lead to your death. Well it won’t. This path actually leads to an invisible bridge that we need to cross.

Head across this invisible bridge and when you get close to the other end you will then want to start casting spells or using your bow to figure out where the next part of the bridge is hiding. Hint; it will be to the left somewhere.

Once you have successfully pin pointed where the next part of the bridge actually is you will get an indication as if you have hit something. You should then notice a few white particles, follow these particles to a platform on the left.


After successfully following the invisible bridge we will now be inside the Heretic Rise and the seal will be removed.

Ignore the Avionette Soldiers, we do not need to fight them and continue on upstairs. Ride the elevator up.

Once at the top there will be a treasure chest containing the Founding Rain of Stars

(Note: The Founding Rain of Stars is an incantation spell that releases a downpour of star rain for a period of time. It requires 52 Intelligence)


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