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The Mirage Rise Puzzle is one of the many puzzles found within Elden Ring. It requires you to find and locate several phantoms. Which are practically idle mirages. There is a total of 3 phantoms altogether. Thankfully all of these phantoms are relatively close to each other, so need to go traveling long distances.

Doing this will remove the seal and reward you with the Unseen Blade, Slumbering Eggs, and Unseen Form.


Head to Mirage Rise and read the book here to get the Mirage Riddle. We now have to find all 3 phantom mirages. The first one is right next to the book.


The second phantom mirage can be found to the south west of Mirage Rise.


The final phantom mirage is located to the east of Mirage Rise. This one will be trying to trick players be pretending to be a rock. Simply hit the rock to reveal the phantom mirage.


Now that we have successfully managed to find all 3 phantom mirages the seal to the Mirage Rise will now be removed.

Head inside the Mirage Rise and reap your rewards; Unseen Form, Unseen Blade, and Slumbering Eggs

(Unseen Form is an incantation spell that allows the player to turn semi-invisible. It requires 16 Intelligence)

(Unseen Blade is an incantation spell that turns right-hand armament invisible. It requires 12 Intelligence)

(Slumbering Eggs is a crafting material which can be used to make both Clarifying White Cured Meat and Clarifying Cured Meat)


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