Elden Ring – Invisible Golden Man (Axe Talisman Side Quest) Guide

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One of the more hidden optional side quests or secrets relates to a semi-invisible gold man that you can find just north of Siofra River Well.

Following this golden man can lead to a hidden bear fight and rewards including the Axe Talisman

SOURCE: King of gamez 83


Head north of the Siofra River Well, where you can find the Limgrave East Map and you will come across a gold semi-invisible man walking around. You can actually see his golden foot prints on the ground.

Keep following this golden man and he will lead you to Mistwood Ruins. Whilst here there will be an underground tunnel that we can explore. However, there will also be a large bear here too. An easy way to take down this bear is to head inside this tunnel and use a ranged weapon.

After the bear has been dealt with continue on further into this tunnel and you will find a treasure chest containing the Axe Talisman (Thanks to – King of gamez 83)

(Axe Talisman – The Axe Talisman has the ability to charge attacks. It also sells for 500 runes)


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