Elden Ring – Testu’s Rise (Three Wise Beasts) Guide

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One of the many puzzles within Elden Ring can be found in the Liurnia of the Lakes. It involves coming across a sealed barrier and a statue holding a book.

We will then need to look out for spirit mirage turtles or tortoises, there will be 3 in total to find and thankfully they are all rather close to Tetsu’s Rise.

(Note: When you have successfully managed to find one of these mirages you will then need to interact with the book once again, doing this triggers the next sighting)

Here is how to solve this one..


Head to Liurnia of the Lakes and you will find Tetsu’s Rise on the small isolated island on the map. Go and explore it to find that it is currently sealed and we cannot gain access just yet.

In order to gain access to this building you will have to inspect the nearby book to get our ‘Seek three wise beasts’ hint. This one is very similar to the Oridys’s Rise


This first wise beast can be found to the left (West) of Tetsu’s Rise, by the large rocks. When you manage to spot the turtle mirage just simply give it a little tap and it will disappear.


This next spirit mirage is to the north of the Tetsu’s Rise. It is hiding on a tree. Just hit the tree and the turtle will fall off the tree making it easier to grab this one.


This final spirit turtle is to the east of Tetsu’s Rise. Here you will encounter some rocks, the turtle is on the platform just below.


After you have successfully found all 3 Wise Beasts the seal to the Tetsu’s Rise will then be removed. So head inside and climb the ladder up.

Continue making your way to the top of the building and you will find the chest containing a Memory Stone.

A Memory Stone is useful for Sorcerer type classes as it can increase your memory slots, which are required for memorizing spells.


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