Elden Ring – Oridys’s Rise (Three Wise Beasts) Puzzle Guide

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One of the many puzzles within Elden Ring can be found in the Weeping Peninsula. It involves coming across a sealed barrier and a statue holding a book.

Here is how to solve this one..


You can find Oridys’s Rise in the Weeping Peninsula, it is to the east of the Castle Morne Ramparts. When you try to access Oridys’s Rise you will soon realise that the mist wall refuses to move, meaning for now at least we cannot access this area just yet.

If you head down the stairs from Oridys’s Rise you will stumble across a book. Inspecting this book we will get a hint ‘Seek the three wise beasts


In order to break the seal we will need to find the three wise beasts, which are basically white ghost spirits. These spirits are not really hostile, they just require you to find them. Every time you find them you will need to hit them in order for it to count.

The first ghost spirit can be found hiding in a bush just north of the book. All of these ghost spirits are actually tortoises or turtles, once you have located it give it a whack and we can starting searching for the next one.

This next one can be located next to the book, it is a bit more in the open so it should be easy to spot.

The final ghost spirit is a little bit more trickier to spot compared to the last one. However, you can find it in the water to the east of the book. Just hit the water until it spawns.

(Note: You may need to interact with the book every time you manage to find one. This will then spawn the next ghost spirit)


With the seal now broken head inside Oridys’s Rise and climb up the ladders. Continue heading up. Once at the top you will come across your rewards. A chest containing a Memory Stone

A Memory Stone is useful for Sorcerer type classes as it can increase your memory slots, which are required for memorizing spells.


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