Elden Ring – Sorcerer Thops (The Academy – Side Quest) Guide

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One of the many hidden Sorcerer NPC characters is Sorcerer Thops, who just happens to have a side quest for us.

In order to begin purchasing his wares you will need to donate to him. This will then allow you to purchase spells such as Glintstone Pebble, Glintstone Arc, and Starlight.

You will then need to go out and collect the Academy Glintstone Keys.


In order to begin this specific side quest you will need to first find Sorcerer Thops, who is located at the Church of Irith.

He will then tell you that he studied glintstone sorceries at the Academy of Raya Lucaria. He will then ask for a donation, if you accept then we can begin purchasing his goods and start this side quest.

He has a rather small amount of spells that you can purchase including; Glintstone Pebble, Glintstone Arc, and Starlight

When you are ready keep talking to Thops and he will once again mention the Academy of Raya Lucaria, he will also start asking for Glintstone Keys.


After your conversation with Thops you will then be required to find the Glintstone Keys. You will need to find both Academy Glintstone Keys in order to progress with the quest.

You can find one of the Glintstone Keys over in Academy Gate Town, whilst the other can be found in Academy of Raya Lacaria. Which you will only be able to unlock after using the first key as the place is currently sealed. This will take you to the Liurnia of the Lakes.


Return to Thops over at the Church of Irith, hand him both of the Glintstone Keys. To which he will be very grateful. He will now mention that he plans on heading to the Academy


Head to the Academy of Raya Lucaria and more specifically the Schoolhouse Classroom. Here we can find Thops once again, he is sitting reading his books. Speak with him.

We will now be rewarded with the Thop’s Bell Bearing, Thops’s Barrier, and the Academy Glintstone Staff

Our final task is to take Thop’s Bell Bearing to the Roundtable Hold and more specifically to the Table of Lost Grace. Choose to offer Bell Bearing. By doing this we will now have access to Thop’s store.


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