Elden Ring – Gowry (O’Neil – Side Quest) Guide

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One of the optional side quests within Elden Ring that relates to helping Gowry heal a young girl

Gowry can be found and located at Gowry’s Shack


Head towards the Sellia Crystal Tunnel and you should come across Gowry’s Shack. Here speak with Gowry, who apparently is a great sage.

Agree to help Gowry and he will mention a girl named Millicent, who is said to be beyond Sellia resting at a church. He also goes on to say that she is sick and there is no cure for her sickness.

However, in order to make her sickness more tolerable we will need to acquire a certain needle. We now need to travel to the Swamps of Aeonia.


Head west of Gowry’s Shack to the Swamp of Aeonia and we will have a boss fight against Commander O’Neil

Commander O’Niel starts the fight by summoning archer minions to help aid him. Eliminate these guys fast as O’Niel has the ability to buff them, which makes the fight even more difficult.

One of O’Niels attacks that you want to look out for is when he starts wafting his sword around causing a mist effect. Keep away from this as it can cause Bleed.

At 50% health Commander O’Niel will start summoning axe soldiers that can deal a lot of damage.

Try to use parry attacks on the boss in order to win this fight.

You will be rewarded with the Commander’s Standard and Unalloyed Gold Needle


After vanquishing Commander O’Niel report back to Gowry and he will give you the Sellia’s Secret. Gowry will then take interest in the Gold Needle we just got and asks for some time.

Speak to Gowry once again and he will have fixed it, our next objective is to find and give it to Millicent. Unalloyed Gold Need returned


Head to Church of the Plague in order to find Millicent. Give her the Unalloyed Gold Needle. She will then try the needle. Speak to her again and she will end up falling asleep. Leave and come back later

When you return back to Millicent you will find out that the needle actually worked. As a token of thanks she will then give you a Prosthesis-Wearer Heirloom


After you are done speaking with Millicent report back to Gowry in order to tell him the good news. That the needle worked

However, when you arrive you will notice that Gowry is no longer here, speak with Millicent. Seems she is very interested in her journey. Leave the area after using up her dialogue.

Return back to Gowry’s Shack a little bit later, this time Gowry will indeed be here. Now we can tell him the good news.

Gowry will now become a merchant that sells magical spells including; Glintstone Stars, Night Shard, and Night Maiden’s Mist.


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