Elden Ring – Seluvis (Nephali Side Quest) Guide

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This optional side quest takes place at Ranni’s Rise, one of the towers in the Three Sisters region of Liurnia of the Lakes.

It requires you to ride the elevator and speak with Renna before then being tasked to speak with Seluvis.


Head to Ranni’s Rise and ride the elevator up and speak with Ranni. Agree to Serve Ranni the Witch. Keep speaking with Ranni and she will have an errand for us and she will mention a warrior named Blaidd.

After you are done speaking with Ranni head back down using the elevator. We now need to speak with Seluvis, who is by the Ranni’s Rise entrance. Speaking with Seluvis we will find out that he resides at another tower nearby.


Head to Seluvis’s Rise to the east of Ranni’s Rise and you will find Seluvis by the entrance. Speaking with him will send us on an errand to go and find Nepheli. We will receive the Seluvis’s Potion


Head to the Roundtable Hold and find and speak to Sir Gideon Ofnir, ask about Nepheli. Apparently Nepheli is the daughter to Sir Gideon.

After the conversation with Sir Gideon proceed and head to Village of the Albinaurics, east of the Fallen Ruins of the Lake. (This is if Nepheli is not currently at the Roundtable Hold)

Nepheli will be sitting under the bridge, proceed to speak with her. She will eventually introduce herself as Nepheli Loux.

Report back to Sir Gideon and ask about Nepheli once again (Nepheli’s despair).

(Note: If the Nepheli’s despair option fails to appear then progress with the story a bit more).

Continue the conversation with Sir Gideon by next selecting the Seluvis’s Potion option. We will then be given the option to either Hand Over Seluvis’s Potion or Don’t hand it over. If you choose not to hand it over then Sir Gideon will not be happy, and call it a dreadful waste.


If you chose not to hand over the potion, then return to Nepheli who will now be at the Roundtable Hold and downstairs by the Blacksmith. She will confess that her father casted her out for her actions. Keep talking to Nepheli and eventually you will be given the option to hand her the potion. She will then be in a catatonic state.


If you chose to hand Sir Gideon the potion then he will persuade you to lie to Seluvis. This will, of course, spare Nepheli any further hardship.


Return to Seluvis’s Rise and speak with Seluvis, who will then be pleased and will become a merchant and will gladly sell his wares to us. Which will include various incantations and spells.

Seluvis will end up opening up his shop regardless of what option you went with.

Note: If you fail to complete this quest before you complete Ranni the Witch, you will then find Seluvis dead in his tower. If Seluvis is dead you will find the following on his body; Seluvis’s Bell Bearing, Preceptor’s Big Hat, Preceptor’s Long Gown, Preceptor’s Gloves, and Preceptor’s Trousers


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