Elden Ring – How To Unlock The Dragonfire, Dragonclaw, Dragonmaw Spells Guide

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In order to get some of the best magical incantations spells in Elden Ring you are going to have to do quite a bit of work. Including fighting bosses, collecting hearts, and going underground.

The Dragonfire, Dragonclaw, and Dragonmaw incantation spells are all located on an isolated island to the south east.


The Dragonfire, Dragonclaw, and Dragonmaw spells can all be found on an isolated island to the south east of the map.
Just opposite this isolate island will be a cave on the beach. The Coastal Cave. You will come here during the Boc the Seamster side quest.

The Coastal Cave is quite dark inside so remember to brinng a torch, you can get a torch from Merchant Kale over at the Church of Elleh.
As you continue on you will end up reaching a boss room. However, just before the boss fight you might stumble across a golden summoning message. There is a good chance that this golden message will allow you to summon an NPC character named Old Knight Istvan, who can help aid you.

You will then have to fight two bosses known as Demi-Human Chiefs. They should not be too difficult, you can find a guide for this fight in the video above (thanks to: Vulkan) or on the Boc the Seamster guide.

After the boss fight continue through the cave and you will end up reaching a white light, this can take you back to the entrance of the cave. Ignore it as you will have to run back through the cave again.
So ignore the light and stay on the dark side, the cave continues.

Basically The Coastal Cave acts as an under water shortcut, with its final destination being the isolated island known as Dragon Island, The Church of Dragon Communion.


In order to get the Dragonfire, Dragonclaw, and Dragonmaw spells you will need to defeat the Flying Dragon Agheel over at Dragon-Burnt Ruins in Limgrave. Defeating this dragon will reward you with a Dragon Heart that can then be offered to the Church of Dragon Communion altar. This will then unlock the Dragonfire, Dragonclaw, and Dragonmaw incantation spells.

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