Elden Ring – Lenne’s Rise (Puzzle Solution) Guide

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Lenne’s Rise is yet another puzzle building that you may come across during your travels in Elden Ring. However, this one is so much more simpler than the other similar buildings within the game. So simple it almost feels like a cheating method of getting inside.

However, this one unlike with the others does not seem to feature a book in which to get hints from and there does not seem to be any other method of getting inside. So perhaps this is indeed the legitimate way inside after all.

SOURCE: Sofa Supastar Gaming


If you haven’t already made it to Lenne’s Rise then you will have quite a bit of traveling to do. With the first task being to head for the Third Church of Marika.

From the Third Church of Marika you will need to search for a set of bushes and inside these bushes is a teleporter that will take you to Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow.

In the video posted above (thanks to Sofa Supastar Gaming) we will then need to head past a giant foe and continue on past a Golden Seed tree.

Next to the bridge there will be a site of grace that you can take advantage of if you haven’t already. On this bridge you will confront the Flying Dragon Greyll, which you will want to ignore.

At the end of the bridge you will want to make a U-turn and head towards Lenne’s Rise.


Once you arrive at the Lenne’s Rise you will then want to make use of the nearby white stream, this can give you a huge boost into the air.

Use this huge boost to reach the doorway to Lenne’s Rise. We should then be inside the building. You can then find the Memory Stone up at the top floor inside the chest

A Memory Stone is useful for Sorcerer type classes as it can increase your memory slots, which are required for memorizing spells.


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