Elden Ring – Chelona’s Rise (Puzzle Solution) Guide

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Chelona’s Rise is yet another puzzle that relates to the Great Wise Beasts, which again will be turtles. This time we will be trying to find much bigger turtles.

Chelona’s Rise can be located to the south west area of the map. South of the Deep Ainsel Well in Moonlight Altar. When you arrive you will notice that the building is, of course, sealed.


Head to Chelona’s Rise which is south west of the map. Just south of Deep Ainsel Well in Moonlight Altar. Here you will notice that Chelona’s Rise is currently sealed and we will not be getting inside right now.

So divert your attention to the nearby book and it will give us a hint ‘Seek three great wise beasts‘. If you have done any of the previous Rise puzzles prior to this one you should know what comes next. If not then it will be time to hunt for turtles, big giant phantom turtles!

NOTE: Every time you find a turtle you will need to give them a little tap in order for it to count. Then after doing that once again read the hint book to trigger the next sighting.


This first giant turtle can be found to the north or right of Chelona’s Rise. It is currently clinging on to the side of a wall. Simply tap it with a ranged attack and it will loosen its grip


This next turtle is over to the north east of Chelona’s Rise. It can be found on a platform just below you. Again it is best to use ranged attacks.


This final turtle can be found to the far north of Chelona’s Rise, near Ringleader’s Evergaol. When you arrive there will be a white stream that you can use to give yourself a boost into the air, do so.

Whilst in the air you should be able to notice this final turtle. Aim for it to unlock the seal to Chelona’s Rise.


After getting the turtles the seal to Chelona’s Rise should now have been broken. Head to Chelona’s Rise and make your way up to the top of the tower.

Once at the top there will be a chest containing the Ranni’s Dark Moon

Ranni’s Dark Moon is a spell incantation that incarnates a cold, dark moon and launches it at foes.


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