Elden Ring – Where To Find The Dozing Crossed-Leg Gesture & Claw Talisman Guide

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One of the many emote gestures that you can unlock within Elden Ring is the Dozing Crossed-Leg gesture. It is quite a simple one to unlock that requires you to run across building rooftops.

In the same area we can also collect the Claw Talisman which can enhance jump attacks.

Here is how it can be done…


In order to get the Dozing Crossed-Legged gesture you will need to head to the Rampart Tower
From there head up the nearby stairs until you end up outside.

Once outside you will then need to run along the rooftops being careful not to fall off in the process. The Dozing Cross-Legged gesture can be found on a rooftop with a fire breathing vulture.


Not too far away from the Dozing Cross-Legged gesture rooftop we can find the Claw Talisman. In order to find it, head to the rooftop next to this current one and climb up the fallen debris.

Here you will come across a ladder, climb up it to find the Claw Talisman


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