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Ranni the Witch is probably one of the much longer quests that you can start as soon as you gain access to Ranni’s Rise.

It involves speaking to Renna who will then want us to speak with Iji, Blaidd, and Seluvis.


In order to begin this quest you will have to travel to Ranni’s Rise, which is north of Kingsrealm Ruins. Here speak with Renna.

Agree to help Renna, who after accepting her quest will then confess that her name is Ranni the witch. Anyway after hearing her out we will then have to go and speak with Iji.

Iji is the big tall guy, speak with him. Who is the Carian royal family’s blacksmith and Ranni’s war counsellor. Keep talking to Iji until you have burnt out all of his dialogue.

We next want to speak with Blaidd, who will be downstairs in Ranni’s Rise. We first encountered Blaidd in Mistwood Ruins. Blaidd will mention that he is currently still in Limgrave.

The final person you want to speak to is Seluvis, who is by the entrance to Ranni’s Rise. Seluvis will mention that he is in another tower, that we should visit him. This will lead to the Seluvis side quest

After speaking with Seluvis report back to Ranni.


Head to the nearby Seluvis’s Rise and speak with Seluvis. This will again activate the Seluvis side quest. However, for now we do not want to go any further with this. Seluvis’s Potion received.


Head to the Road to the Manor in Liurnia of the Lakes and speak with Iji. Ask Iji about Nokron. It seems that to reach Nokron we need to head underground.


Head to the Mistwood Outskirts and more specifically Siofra River Well.

When you arrive at Siofra River continue along the path to the left and follow the stairs up. There will be an elevator leading up.

Once at the top head on up the hill, remaining on the left side of the path. At the foot of the stairs (with the candles) on the right you can find the Siofra River map.

Continue on past the stairs with the various torches, you want to make your way to the east of here. Stick by the edge of the cliff and you will come across Blaidd.

Burn out all of the dialogue with Blaidd.


Return to Seluvis at Seluvis’s Rise. Ask him about Nokron and he will mention Sellen over in Limgrave. Seluvis’s Introduction received.

Note: If you enjoy doing all of the quests within the game then it is best that you now do Seluvis’s quest now. Otherwise you will be locked out of it


Head to Waypoint Ruins in Western Limgrave. Sorceress Sellen has a quest involving the Mad Pumpkin Head. Speak with Sorceress Sellen and give her the letter of introduction.


After speaking with Sorceress Sellen head back to Blaidd. It seems that Ranni’s fate has something to do with Starscourge Radahn. He also mentions a festival taking place in Caelid.


Head to the Impassable Greatbridge, east of Cathedral of Dragon Communion and south of Sellia Gateway. Here interact with the teleport on the left. We will now be in Redmane Castle.

Speak with Blaidd and make your preparations. There is a nearby site of grace if you have yet to find it. Then when you are ready speak with the soldier yelling and we can begin.

Head further inside the castle and ride the elevator down. We will now be on the beach, interact with the portal and we will be thrown into a boss fight against Starscourge Radahn.

Defeat Starscourge Radahn and a scene will take place. After the scene speak with Blaidd.


Return to Iji, who is still at the Road to the Manor. Ask him about Blaidd. He will be pleased that we can continue with our journey in serving Ranni.


In order to reach Nokron, Eternal City we must make our way to Mistwood Ruins

At Mistwood Ruins there will be an interesting message just behind a nearby damaged wall. This note will mention a traitor.

Okay on to Nokron, Eternal City. In order to get there turn and head east towards several floating rocks in the distance. We need to make our way down the cliff to an underground entrance.


When you enter Nokron, Eternal City make your way down and continue along the path. Until you reach a room on the left, from there drop down to the path below. Continue on and we will come across a site of grace.

At the courtyard turn and head right towards some stairs leading further underground. Here turn right and cross the bridge at the end. Enter through the mist wall.

In this area there will be another site of grace to the left, from there continue across the nearby bridge. Half way across this rather long bridge there will be a path of ruin leading down to the left. Follow this path.

We will now be able to hear someone singing, continue on and head up the hill on the left. Take advantage of this next site of grace.

When you are ready continue on across the rooftops towards Night’s Sacred Ground. Make your way to the more open area where enemy targets will spawn.

There will be another passageway between the buildings here, head through and continue on. We will then be inside a room with statues. In this area we can collect one of the most powerful summons (Mimic Tear)

For the purpose of this guide we want to continue and head to the ground floor.

Head through this room and turn right and right again ignore the enemy and head up the stairs at the end. We will then arrive at Ranni’s treasure which contains the Fingerslayer Blade and Great Ghost Glovewort


Now that we have successfully opened Ranni’s treasure chest we can go ahead and report back to her. She will end up giving us a Carian Inverted Statue


Head to the Study Hall Entrance over in Liurnia of the Lakes. This is actually the Carian Study Hall.

Place the Carian Inverted Statue on the altar for a scene. After the scene head upstairs to the Divine Tower.

Continue on into a room with several chandeliers, jump onto them. We want to keep descending down. Eventually as we keep descending there will be an elevator roof we can hop on with a button. Hit this button and ride the elevator down.

At the bottom head through the door for another quick scene. Then head along the rather long path towards the door to the Divine Tower of Liurnia.


Once inside the Divine Tower of Liurnia begin by riding the elevator up. At the top activate the site of grace and head up the stairs on the right.

At the top of the stairs there will be a body, examine it for the Cursemark of Death and Stargazer Hierloom


Head to Renna’s Rise, which is located next to Ranni’s Rise. Yes, it is confusing. At the top of the tower there will be a teleport use it. We will then be in Ainsel River Main


Once you arrive be sure to collect the Minature Ranni from the basins. Then rest at the nearby site of grace.

When we get the rest options be sure to pick the Talk to miniature Ranni option. You will need to select this option three times for anything to actually happen.

Ranni will then begin to speak, she will want us to eliminate the Baleful Shadows that prowl these lands.


After the conversation with Ranni we now need to find this Baleful Shadow, who is somewhere in Nokstella.

In order to get to Nokstella we need to pass through Uhl Palace Ruins. Then continue down to reach a doorway. This doorway leads to Nokstella.

Drop down to the ground floor and take advantage of the site of grace, then head up the stairs nearby. Continue all of the way to the very top, then at the top head across the bridge on the right.

A giant boulder will then come down the nearby stairs, try not to get squished. When you are in the clear head up the stairs where this boulder came from.

At the top head inside the room and then exit on the first left. Follow the bridge and climb up the stairs at the end.

In here keep to the left and head through the open doorway. We will eventually reach an elevator, ride it down.

Here head to the building to the south east. East of the entrance. There will be another elevator we need to ride down.

At the bottom make use of the site of grace. Cross the water into the dark cave, in here follow the path to the right.

Here in this rather red area we will encounter the Baleful Shadow. Defeat it and we will get the Discarded Palace Key


Now that the Baleful Shadow has been dealt with we have another foe to take care of, Astel. A boss. In order to reach him we need to go up the small flight of stairs here and ride the elevator down. This will take us to the Lake of Rot.

The Lake of Rot is a dangerous location as it can inflict Scarlet Rot, one of dealing with Scarlet Rot is by using the Flame, Cleanse Me. Scarlet Rot is a more advanced form of the Poison effect, meaning your health will decrease over time and eventually lead to a character death.

In order to progress on you will want to try and keep to the mushrooms and plants to the right, on the wall. Then dart straight for the middle platform. The whole red field is Scarlet Rot so you want to try and avoid it as much as possible.

On this middle platform there is a button you can press, in doing so we will reveal more paths that we can take. Head to the left and cross the Scarlet Rot to reach the next platform.

Press the button on this platform to reveal another platform we can go to. Again cross the Scarlet Rot.

When you reach the more whiter coloured platform we will almost be at our destination. Unfortunately there is no button here so we need to push our way through the Scarlet Rot.

Head for the two torches and there will be a ledge that we can use to escape the Scarlet Rot. Follow this path down to a site of grace.

We will now be at the Grand Cloister, our goal is to reach lower ground.

Once on the ground floor turn and head left, there will be a coffin we can inspect. A scene will then play out.

After the scene follow the path to a wall of mist, this is the boss area with Astel.


Astel looks like a giant dragonfly, perhaps it is in some form or such.
Anyway Astel mainly attacks using a rail gun which is part of its third eye attached to its fractured skull

The boss’s weakness is its face so try to take advantage of this, whilst also trying to avoid its rail gun attacks.

Astel also has the ability to disappear and reappear too as well as being able to perform shockwaves using its pincers around its head.

For defeating Astel we will be rewarded with the Remembrance of the Naturalborn


After successfully defeating Astel we now want to head to Raya Lucaria Grand Library, which is south of Testu’s Rise and east of Academy Crystal Cave.

Here we will find a treasure chest that we can open using the Discarded Palace Key, inside it we will find the Dark Moon Ring.


Return to the Lake of Rot or more specifically Astel’s boss room. Then continue on to Deep Ainsel Well and Moonlight Altar.

Head north from here to an area with the Glintstone Dragon Adula, don’t worry there is no need to fight it. However, just behind it is a building that leads to Cathedral of Manus Celes

From the site of grace there should be a hole in the ground, drop down it. We will now be in an underground cave.

At the end of the cave we should be able to spot Ranni. Here interact with Ranni to get a scene where we will place the Dark Moon Ring on her finger.

By completing this quest we can now unlock the ‘Age Of Stars’ ending.

As a reward we will now get the Dark Moon Greatsword

(Note: Blaidd will now appear outside of Ranni’s Rise, should you wish to fight him we will get both his armor and sword. He will drop the Royal Greatsword, Blaidd’s Armor, Blaidd’s Gauntlets, and Blaidd’s Greaves)


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