Elden Ring – How To Remove Poison & Scarlet Rot (Flame Cleanse Me) Location Guide

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As you continue through Elden Ring there will most likely be times where you will find yourself being inflicted by Poison and/or Scarlet Rot. Both of which can be devastating and frustrating to have inflicted upon your character.

Both of these cause damage over time, they can even lead you to a rather unpleasant game over screen. So how do you remove this?


Many foes within Elder Ring have the ability to inflict Poison. The status effect can come from a range of different attacks including weapons and spells. Once you have been inflicted with this you will start to gradually loose health.

You can find various different ways to deal with this issue, one such way is to build up your immunity. By doing this it will take longer for the effect to actually do anything.

Another alternative way is to find an incantation to instantly remove it.


Scarlet Rot is very similar to Poison in the way that it too can be inflicted upon your character during combat. It also adds damage over time too. This specific status ailment is considered to be an advanced version of the Poison effect. Which means the likelihood of being killed by the Scarlet Rot is much more higher.

Two rather dangerous areas that you will likely encounter Scarlet Rot is Caelid and Lake of Rot.


Thankfully there are various different ways that can help remove these ailments, such as; purchasing Preserving Boluses. However, this will only heal the Scarlet Rot ailment. It does nothing for Poison. Likewise for Neutralizing Boluses.

So what we need is the Flame, Cleanse Me incantation. This specific incantation can heal both Poison and Scarlet Rot.

In order to find this Flame, Cleanse Me incantation we need to travel to the Fire Monk Camp. Which is located to the north of Eastern Liurnia Lake Shore. Here you can find the spell on a fallen corpse.


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