Elden Ring – How To Get The Rock Sling (Flying Rocks) Spell Location Guide

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Elden Ring has many various different spells and incantations that players can either find or purchase, one such incantation is Rock Sling.

Rock Sling is a spell that basically fires rocks at the enemy target, sound useful right? Well in order to get this one we will need to do some exploring. We will also need an Intelligence rating of at least 18.

When you are good and ready let us go…


In order to find the Rock Sling you are going to need to travel to the Street of Sages Ruins. You can find the Street of Rages Ruins by heading north of Aeonia Swamp Shore.

Once you arrive you will be attacked by mages that can inflict Poison, ignore them and head down a nearby tunnel.

Once down here you can find the Rock Sling spell


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