Elden Ring – How To Unlock The Finger Snap Emote Gesture (Meeting Blaidd) Guide

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One of the many emote gestures that you can unlock within Elden Ring is the Finger Snap gesture. It is quite a simple one to unlock that requires you to visit a total of two different locations.

Here is how it can be done…

(Note: This will only work during nightfall, so make sure to rest until then. It is also recommended that you do not wear any masks during your visit to Mistwood, this will help with any unintended conflict that might occur)


Head to Mistwood Ruins which is in Eastern Limgrave, you will find it amongst the trees and forest here. Head there and you will hear howling coming from somewhere. Nothing much to do here just yet.

Instead head to the Church of Elleh, which is to the west of Mistwood. When you arrive speak to Merchant Kale and select the ‘Ask about the howling in Mistwood‘.

Merchant Kale will then start talking more about the wolf. In return we will get the Finger Snap gesture


After getting the Finger Snap gesture return back to the Mistwood Ruins. Here head towards the actual ruins and equip the Finger Snap gesture.

Use the Finger Snap gesture by the ruins so that the wolf will react to it. The wolf, who is technically a human male will now appear. This man will now introduce himself as Blaidd.


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