Elden Ring – Where To Find The ‘What Do You Want?’ Gesture

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One of the many emote gestures that you can unlock within Elden Ring is the What Do You Want? gesture. It is quite a simple one to unlock that requires you to speak with a specific NPC character.

Here is how it can be done…


You can get the ‘What Do You Want?’ emote gesture rather easily. Simply head to the Roundtable Hold and look for an NPC character named Ensha. He is the mysterious masked individual, a bit of an ”edge lord” who refuses to speak with the player.

Ensha can be found with his back against the wall, to the right of Gideon Ofnir’s room. Speak with him and you will unlock this gesture. This gesture, of course, is based on the exact same pose that Ensha is currently stood in. Which is rather fitting.

This specific individual is very much a rebel and due to this getting the ‘What Do You Want?’ gesture can be missable. The reason being is because as soon as you find the Haligtree Secret Medallion (Right), the next time you enter the Roundtable Hold Ensha will then try to invade the player.


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