Elden Ring – How To Get Mimic Tear (Ashen Summon) Guide

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Mimic Tear is one of the many spirit summons within Elden Ring, it is also part of the Legendary Ashen Remains.

In order to acquire Mimic Tear you will have to complete the Renna’s questline and obtained the Stonesword Key.


After you have completed Renna’s questline and obtained the Stonesword Key, we will then need to head to Nokron, Eternal City.

Whilst at Nokron, Eternal City head to the first mist wall in the area, towards the second site of grace. Here there will be another bridge, follow this bridge.
Halfway across this bridge there will be a section where it has crumbled and seen damage, head down here.

You may now encounter some singing. Near here, just up the path to the left there will be another site of grace to take advantage of.

From the site of grace jump onto the building rooftop, follow the rooftop to Night’s Sacred Ground.

Head down into an area where enemies will begin spawning and there will be an area between the buildings that we can go through.

Head along the rocky narrow bridge and you should then be in an open area with statues, near here is the boss room.


Once you have used the Stonesword Key to unlock the boss room you will then be able to open the chest in the room. You will now receive the Mimic Tear Ashes.

With Mimic Tear you are able to summon a copy of yourself, this includes both appearance and equipment. So if you have a good gear set up this will cause extra damage to any future bosses you might come across. Mimic Tear also consumes your character health instead of FP, which is handy for melee builds who might find it difficult to sacrifice FP due to their builds not really benefiting from using it to begin with. Mimic Tear is regarded to be one, if not, the best summon within Elden Ring.


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