Elden Ring – Fringefolk’s Hero’s Grave (Golden Seed) Location Guide

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Golden Seeds
 are quite an essential item and resource to collect within Elden Ring, this is mainly due to the fact that as you keep collecting them they will increase the number of charges that you have with your restoration flasks.

They can usually be found on sprouting Erdtrees, which are easy to spot due to their golden bright colour. However, they are also quite difficult to find too.

This page will generally show you how to get the Golden Seeds found in Fringefolk’s Hero’s Grave. There are 1 in total


  • LOCATION: Stranded Graveyard
  • GUIDE:
  • After successfully finding the Stonesword Keys head into the Fringefolk’s Hero’s Grave.
  • Here continue on through the poison area and make your way to the boss room. Defeat the Ulcerated Tree Spirit
  • The Ulcerated Tree Spirit will end up dropping this Golden Seed.


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