Elden Ring – How To Get Black Knife Tiche (Ashen Summon) Guide

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Black Knife Tiche is one of the many spirit summons within Elden Ring, it is also part of the Legendary Ashen Remains.

In order to acquire Black Knife Tiche you will have to complete Ranni the Witch quest and head to Ringleader’s Evergaol


After successfully completing the Ranni the Witch quest you will then want to head to Ringleader’s Evergaol in southern Liurnia of the Lakes. Here you will then have to fight an optional boss, Alecto.

Alecto mainly fights using a knife, hence his name ‘Alecto, Black Knife Ringleader’

Whilst he mainly uses a knife and thus the fight will mostly be close combat. He can also throw projectiles too, so watch out for those.

Once you have successfully defeated Alecto you will be rewarded with the Black Knife Tiche summon


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