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One of the more powerful early weapons that you can get in Elden Ring is the Golden Halberd. This weapon comes complete with the Golden Vow skill.

The Golden Vow skill is quite a nice one to have as it can boost both the attack and defence during combat. Giving the player that vital advantage against tough foes.

The weapon also mainly focuses on scaling the Strength, Dexterity, and Faith stat. Allowing both caster type classes, as well as melee to be able to wield this specific weapon.

However, getting it may prove to be a bit tricky as you will have to fight a powerful foe in order to get it.


In order to unlock and acquire the Golden Halberd you will be forced to fight the Tree Sentinel. Which is a tough foe that resides in Limgrave, and more specifically at The First Step.

You will see this boss holding and using this Golden Halberd. Once it has been defeated it will end up dropping the Golden Halberd.


The Tree Sentinel was actually one of the bosses that was featured within the Elden Ring network test that was available back in November.

It is an optional boss that enjoys riding around on a horse and, of course, as said, carries the Golden Halberd.

It mainly enjoys using sweeping attacks using this Golden Halberd. However, after each sweep attack it tends to react slowly allowing the player to get a few hits in.

Of course, trying to run from this boss is rather pointless as this boss is riding a horse and will mostly likely catch up to you in no time.

The boss can also unleash more devastating blows. This will be performed once the horse goes onto its hind legs, so watch out.

To make things easier though, there is a much easier method of taking this particular boss on. Its really more of a cheesing or cheating method, and it involves taking advantage of a nearby platform. This method is mainly easier for those playing a ranged class.


The Golden Halbert is a great starting weapon due to its Golden Vow skill that increases both attack and defence.

Its other stats include;

  • WEAPON: Golden Halberd
  • TYPE: Halberd (Standard / Pierce)
  • PHYSICAL: 134
  • MAGIC: 0
  • FIRE: 0
  • HOLY: 87
  • CRITICAL: 100
  • ATTRIBUTE SCALING: Str – D, Dex – E, Fait – D (Strength, Dexterity, Faith)


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