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Whilst exploring Limgrave you may come across a man named Kennet Haight. Unfortunately his fort has been overtaken by the enemy. Our task is to help him reclaim it.

It is a rather simple task. However, for those that need a bit more guidance here is how to complete this one..

(Note: Kennet Haight is one of the many optional side quests)


You can find Kenet Haight over in Limgrave, here he will be stood on top of the old ruins. Speak to him and you will learn that he is, in fact, the next in line to become the ruler of Limgrave.

However, unfortunately his fort has been taken over by the enemy and he wants us to retake it.


After speaking with Kenet it is time to go and pay this fort a visit, you can find it to the south east. The fort is actually known as Fort Haight.

Once you arrive at Fort Haight there will obviously be enemy targets here and you will need to deal with them all.

Most of the targets are easy enough to dispose of as long as they don’t heavily out number you. There will be one armored knight that might pose a problem if not properly prepared.

Anyway after disposing of the threat report back to Kennet to complete this quest. You will be rewarded with the Erdsteel Dagger


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