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The Greataxe is a Strength build type weapon so it is mainly designed for Tank based classes. It can deal quite a bit of damage with its 151 physical attack stat and it comes with the Barbaric Roar skill ability

The Barbaric Roar skill ability can basically increase overall attack power and can turn strong attacks to savage combo attacks.

In order to acquire it though you will be tasked with taking down some tough foes…


In order to unlock and acquire the Greataxe you will have to take on some tough foes. Well, they can be quite easy really as they come with a really basic strategy.

Anyway to begin with make your way to the Agheel Lake North and you will come across a bit of a long road. You want to follow this road south.

As you continue along the path you will stumble across a bunch of giants protecting a convoy. Defeat them.


Fighting and defeating the Giants should be relatively easy enough. The reason for this is because they are rather slow. They mainly attack using their fists and feet, which can easily be avoided.

The method for this one is to lure them into attacking you by running around their feet, but be ready to move when they do start attacking. Then when they have had their attack quickly get a few hits in and repeat the process.

You can also attack one foot and switch to the other to really confuse the giant.


After you have eliminated the Giants you can then inspect the convoy to find a chest containing the Greataxe.

  • WEAPON: Greataxe
  • TYPE: Greataxe (Standard)
  • PHYSICAL: 151
  • MAGIC: 0
  • FIRE: 0
  • HOLY: 0
  • CRITICAL: 100
  • ATTRIBUTE SCALING: Str – D, Dex – D (Strength, Dexterity)


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