Elden Ring – Roderika (Spirit-Tuning Side Quest) Guide

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As you continue to explore the Stormhill Shack you will end up encountering a spirit-tuner by the name of Roderika. She will start talking about a spider. By talking to her you can also unlock the Sitting Sideways emote gesture.

Anyway speaking to her will also unlock a side quest that will take you to the Rampart Tower.


You can find Roderika sitting at the Stormhill Shack, speak to her. When you first speak to her she will talk about a spider. You will also be rewarded with the Sitting Sideways emote gesture

Anyway continue speaking with her and she will ask if you are heading to Stormveil Castle. Wondering if you are interested in the spider.

Keep talking to her, and you will be given the Spirit Jellyfish Ashes. Keep initiating conversation until she finally opens up about a crysalid in the Stormveil Castle. She will then ask if you can give a message to this crysalid.

(Note: It will take roughly 3-4 conversations before Roderika will start wanting you to visit the crysalids. So just keep talking to her until this happens)

In order to give a message to the crysalids we will need to head to Rampart Tower.


Head to the Rampart Tower and ride the elevator down and locate a room with wolves in and a pile of corpses. Deal with the wolves and pick up the item here (Crysalid’s Memento)

Give the Crysalid’s Memento to Roderika.


After giving Roderika the Crysalid’s Memento our next destination is the Roundtable Hold. Here we can find Roderika by the fire. Keep talking with Roderika and she will thank you by giving you a Golden Seed.

To the back of the Roundtable Hold there will be a blacksmith by the name of Hewg, speak to him regarding Roderika. We will now learn that she is a spirit-tuner.

Report back to Roderika and ask about what you just found out. She will then want to ask Hewg if he will teach her. This will then task us with reporting back to Hewg.

Speaking with Hewg once again and tell him that Roderika wants him to teach her about spirit-tuning.

Now go and either reload your game or rest somewhere and come back later. Speak with Roderika afterwards.


After resting or reloading report back to Roderika, she will no longer be by the fire. Instead you can find her with Hewg.

Roderika will now become an official spirit-tuner. This ability can improve the strength of your summoned NPC allies.


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