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One of the exciting features within the highly anticipated action role-playing RPG title, Elden Ring, is the ability to unlock and ride around on various different mounts.

One such mount, and the first one that becomes available during the game is Torrent, the spirit horse. This specific mount is a rather easy one to unlock and comes with various nice abilities and features.

One of the nice abilities that Torrent comes with is the ability to double jump, which allows players to gain an advantage and reach higher locations, that would otherwise be inaccessible

Torrent being a spirit horse can also run and move around a lot faster that you would by foot, which is another nice feature and allows you to quickly reach specific destinations faster.

However, Torrent does come with a health bar and this means the horse can take damage and even be killed. This might be unfortunate, especially if you are looking to use the mount again.

Anyway more on that in a bit, first lets concentrate on how to unlock Torrent.


In order to unlock Torrent, the spirit horse. You will want to explore the map in search of grave sites, once activated these grave sites will then represent Sites of Grace


After unlocking a Site of Grace, these will then act as a safe area. They are the equivalent to the Bonfires found in the Dark and Demon Souls series.

They also allow for fast travel to instantly teleport around the map. However, you cannot use a fast travel spot whilst inside a dungeon.

In order to unlock Torrent, you will need to find a total of 3 of these Sites of Grace. Once you have managed to find and activate all 3 sites, a woman wearing a black hooded robe will appear, calling herself Milena.

A scene will then play out and Milena will end up giving you a special ring, the ring of Spectral Steed Whistle.

This Spectral Steed Whilst will then allow you to quickly summon your Torrent spirit horse mount. You can then freely ride around on this mount.

You can find this Spectral Steed Whistle inside your pouch, here you can interact and use it to call forth your mount.


Riding around on Torrent is great as it comes with many added features and abilities, one such feature is the ability to move around much faster. Lets face it walking around is not much fun and is much slower, when compared to being able to use Torrent. Torrent can reach destinations much faster

As well as gaining a speed advantage, Torrent can also perform double jumps which allow players to reach much higher platforms and areas that would otherwise be impossible to reach.

Unfortunately, all of these amazing features do come with a disadvantage. This being that the mount will come with a health bar, allowing it to take damage and even be killed.

However, dry those tears as thankfully it isn’t the end of the world. You will still be able to summon your mount once again.

In order to summon Torrent after it has fallen, all you need to do is rest at a Site of Grace or use a health flask.


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