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One of the optional side quests within Elden Ring that relates to helping Irina take a letter to her father, Edgar.

Irina can be found just north of the Bridge of Sacrifice, where she is sitting on a rock.


It does not matter which route you take first but you will need to speak to both Irina and her father Edgar.

You can find Edgar at Castle Morne, he sits at the rooftop of the castle. Speaking to him will allow us to learn more about him. That he is the castle warden. We will then get a Sacrificial Twig


It does not matter which route you take first but you will need to speak to both Irina and her father Edgar.

You can find Irina north of the Bridge of Sacrifice, where she can be seen sitting on the rocks. Speak with her to learn that she has escaped from Castle Morne.

Speak with Irina once again and she will ask if you can take a letter to her father, Edgar. Irina’s Letter received.


Head to Edgar, who is still on the rooftop of Castle Morne and deliver Irina’s Letter. Keep speaking to him and you will learn that as commander he cannot leave his post.

Report back to Irina. Unfortunately our return will bring some rather unpleasant news.


After finding out about Irina’s tragic passing, you will then need to report back to Edgar. Who has apparently now gone missing.

In order to progress this story you will need to drop down to the south of the castle, just before reaching Edgar. Where the ground seems to have given way. Continue heading down and you will reach a bridge.

Keep heading down towards the coast and you will come across an open rooftop of a nearby building. Head in here and continue on and cross yet another bridge.

Keep heading towards the water and you will come across a fog wall, enter it to confront a boss battle against Leonine Misbegotten


Leonine Misbegotten is a rather fast long sword wielder. That mainly attacks by using a combination of sword swings and jumps, so just keep jumping and rolling out of the way to avoid taking damage.

Your best bet to get an attack in is when the boss has finished one of its combo moves.

For defeating Leonine Misbegotten you will receive the Grafted Blade Greatsword, which comes with the Oath of Vengeance skill. The Oath of Vengeance skill is capable of rising all attributes for a certain period of time.


After you have successfully taken care of Leonine Misbegotten report back to Edgar, who will have returned from his random trip. You can find him in his usual spot on the castle rooftop.

Talking to Edgar and he will mention that because of our victory over Leonine, he is no longer bound by duty. He now plans on re-joining Irina.

Head back to Irina’s location in order to find Edgar grieving over his daughter.


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