Elden Ring – Where To Find Sorcerer Rogier Guide

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There are many different sorcerer merchants within Elden Ring, one of whom can be found quite early (Sellen). Whilst others can be found much later, such as Sorcerer Rogier, who you can find at the Stormveil Castle.


Sorcerer Rogier can be found in one of the many rooms within Stormveil Castle. He mainly stands inside one of the altar rooms in the northwest section of the castle.

In order to reach this altar room you will have to do a bit of platforming and rooftop jumping. You can then find him by going through an open window.

By speaking to him you will be able to buy various different magical spells including; Ash of War: Glintstone Pebble, Ash of War: Spinning Weapon, and Ash of War: Carian Greatsword.

(Note: After you have successfully defeated Godrick the Grafted, Sorcrerer Rogier will then leave Stormveil Castle and appear at the Roundtable Hold)


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  1. Where in roundtable hold. It’s extremely easy to find him in Stormveil but he is hiding like a ninja in Roundtable hold.

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