Far Cry 6 – All 30 Criptograma Chart Locations (That’s Puzzling) Guide

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One of the many collectibles within Far Cry 6 is the Criptograma Charts.

There is a total of 30 Criptograma Charts to be found altogether, getting and finding them all will reward you with various different gear and the That’s Puzzling trophy achievement

The charts are usually found all across the map, they also act as keys to unlock a specific nearby chest. Each chest requires a total of 2 Criptograma Charts in order to be unlocked.

Below is a simple guide on how to find all 30 Criptograma Charts


  • LOCATION: Ventura Summit – Quito
  • CRIPTOGRAMA CHARTS: Charts #1 & #6 (Yaran Flag & Royal Palm)
  • REWARD: Hazmat Gloves MKII
  • GUIDE:
  • The chest for this one can be found by a building
  • Head around the back of this building, towards the abandoned cars.
  • Here there will be something that you can crawl under, do so and your first chart can be found here
  • Now jump onto the rooftop of the building and the last one can be found up here by the chairs
  • With both Criptograma Charts now in our possession, we can go ahead and open the chest.


  • LOCATION: Aguda Cliffs – Costa Del Mar
  • CRIPTOGRAMA CHARTS: Charts #10 & #25 (Rooster & Yara Libre)
  • REWARD: Rioter Gloves MKII
  • GUIDE:
  • You can find the chest for this one by the water’s edge.
  • Grab the nearby boat and ride it to the rock north of your current location. The chart can be found here.
  • Then continue on west, towards the cliffs.
  • Then, just after passing the short bit of land, begin to climb the rocks
  • If you look up you should notice a grapple opportunity, use it to climb to the very top of the cliff rocks. The next chart can be found here


  • LOCATION: Serpentino Park – Costa Del Mar
  • CRIPTOGRAMA CHARTS: Charts #3 & #22 (Pig & Dog)
  • REWARD: Rioter Boots MKII
  • GUIDE:
  • Here you will find the chest sitting on top of a watch tower, use the grapple to reach the top
  • Then head south east and cross the water, search for a bit of land that seems alone from the other bit of land. There will be a signpost with a blue band around it, find this to find the correct land. The charm is on here
  • The next charm can be found to the west of the last charm. Again look for the blue markings, it will be stuck on a rock


  • LOCATION: Verdera – Lozania
  • CRIPTOGRAMA CHARTS: Charts #16 & #19 (El Trompo & Mariposa Flower)
  • REWARD: Rioter Helmet MKII
  • GUIDE:
  • You can find the chest up on the walkway, look for the orange Armos sign.
  • Then in order to find the charms, begin by climbing up the building rooftops opposite. The first charm can be found on the rooftop, stuck on a water tank
  • Continue along the rooftops, then jump onto the building north west of you, where the blue markers are.
  • After making the jump you should notice another water tank to the north west, this is where the next charm can be found


  • LOCATION: Ida’s Refuge – Aguas Lindas
  • CRIPTOGRAMA CHARTS: Charts #28 & #12 (Queen Butterfly & Shark)
  • REWARD: Rioter Vest MKII
  • GUIDE:
  • You can find the chest on a hut by the water’s edge. Climb the ladder in order to reach it
  • Hop in a boat and make your way north towards a collection of rocks and trees
  • Once you arrive, get off the boat and climb the large rock here in order to find the first charm
  • Get back in the boat once again and this time stop at the island next to it. There will be a Parrotfish Fishing Spot here
  • Once you arrive, get off the boat and head onto the broken pier. If you haven’t already noticed, there are sharks in this water. However, we need to muster our courage and dive into the water, the next charm can be found in the water here.


  • Yaran Flag & Royal Palm
  • Rooster & Yara Libre
  • Pig & Dog
  • El Trompo & Mariposa Flower
  • Queen Butterfly & Shark
  • Libertad Emblem & Starfish
  • Tarantula & Boxing Gloves
  • Soursop & Cat
  • Coin & Mamey Sapote
  • Croco Taxi & Cigar
  • Horse & Domino
  • El Crocodrilo & Tocororo
  • Machete & Chalice
  • Car Clasico & El Flamenco
  • Rum & La Guitarra



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