Far Cry 6 – All 5 Helicopter Vehicle Locations Guide

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One of the many vehicles that you can find and ride are the various helicopters, of which there is a total of 5 of them to find.

What better way to enjoy the great landscape and views, than riding around inside a helicopter. Unfortunately it isn’t evidently clear how to acquire these. Some of them require special requirements and are well hidden.

However, below is a simple guide on how to find them all..

#1 – 1952 Kaumbat R-25

  • HELICOPTER: 1952 Kaumbat R-25
  • GUIDE:
  • You can acquire this helicopter automatically. It is story related and unmissable.

#2 – 1952 Kaumbat R-25 WSP

  • HELICOPTER: 1952 Kaumbat R-25 WSP
  • LOCATION: Del Toro Airstrip – Costa Del Mar
  • GUIDE:
  • I managed to find this specific helicopter at the Del Toro Airstrip. However, after spending many hours looking for it, I then noticed that it spawned after I successfully took out the airfield cannons. It also spawned towards the east side of the area.
  • Perhaps having to take out the cannons is a bug, as I saw the helicopter hovering around the area but it kept going around in circles, as if it had issues with landing.

#3 – 1968 Garin Vorona C

  • HELICOPTER: 1968 Garin Vorona C
  • LOCATION: Del Toro Airstrip – Costa Del Mar
  • GUIDE:
  • This was quite an easy find, it was by far the easiest out of all of the helicopters to get hold of. Not including the story related helicopter, of course.
  • I managed to find the 1968 Garin Vorona C at both the Del Toro Airstrip and the Noventarmas International Airport

#4 – 1968 Garin Vorona CT

  • HELICOPTER: 1968 Garin Vorona CT
  • LOCATION: El Presidente Square – Esperanza
  • GUIDE:
  • This one requires a bit of work and luck.
  • Start off by acquiring an EMP ability, such as the Volta Supremo. This can be bought from Juan’s Weapons for 100 Depleted Uranium
  • Then you will want to start causing chaos, you can do this by heading to a heavily guarded enemy base. You will want to head to an area with infinite enemy spawns such as the El Presidente Square.
  • Cause enough chaos by attacking the enemy and getting into the Wanted level (shown on the bottom left). Keep attacking the enemy and soon enough a helicopter will then spawn, this helicopter will be the 1968 Garin Vorona CT
  • Now here is the hard part, as if trying to stay alive long enough for the helicopter to arrive wasn’t bad enough. You will now want to get close enough to the helicopter and use the Volta Supremo.
  • The Volta Supremo will cause the helicopter to steer out of control, thankfully it will land safely.
  • Now quickly take out the enemies that then exit the helicopter, do this fast enough so they don’t decide to re-board the Verona CT and take off. Leaving us with having to repeat the whole process all over again. Seriously, trust me they can and will do this if you are not fast enough.
  • Now board the helicopter and feel free to ride it on out the area. Hopefully you can avoid getting blown out of the sky in the process..

#5 – Avispa Buzzer (Resolver)

  • HELICOPTER: Avispa Buzzer (Resolver)
  • LOCATION: Fuego Valley – Lozania
  • GUIDE:
  • This one can be found inside a cave in the mountains
  • Use your grapple to carefully lower yourself down to the bottom. On your way down you can also collect some materials such as; Supremo-Bond and Recycled Glass. There is probably an easier way to enter this cave so feel free to explore a bit if you are not a fan of mountain climbing ha!
  • The Avispa Buzzer should be down here. If for whatever reason it is not, then simply leave the cave and then return. I just swam far enough before then returning and finding the helicopter.


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