Far Cry 6 – How To Find El Caballero (Grenade Launcher) Location Guide

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As you continue your adventures through Far Cry 6, you will inevitably come across Anti-Aircraft sites, these sites will pose a problem if you plan to use any kind of aircraft to explore the map. The reason for this is due to the fact that these sites feature cannons which, unless the site has been captured, will try to shoot down your aircraft.

Unfortunately these cannons cannot be destroyed by any simple weapon. In fact you need special type of weapons in order to destroy it, one such weapon is the El Caballero (Grenade Launcher)

Below is a simple guide on how to acquire it.

  • WEAPON: El Caballero
  • TYPE: Grenade Launcher
  • LOCATION: F.I. Escudo Steel Plant (Cobre Shores – Aguas Lindas)
  • GUIDE:
  • To the north west of the map you should notice an enemy base known as the F.I. Escudo Steel Plant, it is in Aguas Lindas.
  • Simply head to this base and capture it by defeating all of the enemies here.
  • During the combat you will or should end up picking up a key known as the Storage Locker Key, one of the enemies should be carrying it
  • After having successfully captured the base, head around the back of the area
  • Here there will be a room attached to the large building, this is where the key will come into play. Use the key to reap your rewards


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