Far Cry 6 – Backseat Driver (Yaran Story) Guide

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Backseat Driver is one of the available Yaran story quests.

It requires you to steal back Yami’s vehicle

  • YARAN STORY MISSION: Backseat Driver
  • PREVIOUS MISSION: Second Son, Over Easy
  • NEXT MISSION: Stealing Thunder
  • LOCATION: Yami’s Chop Shop – Colinas Plains
  • REWARDS: 100 Guerrilla Experience, Yami’s 2008 KAG TG vehicle
  • RANK: Rank 7
  • QUEST GIVER: Yami Suarez
  • GUIDE:
  • You can activate this Yaran mission by heading to Yami’s Chop Shop in Colinas Plains. However, you will need to complete the Second Son in order to unlock it

SECURE The FND Training Grounds

  • After accepting the mission, we will now need to head slightly north east of the map. Towards Oasis Plains
  • When we arrive Yami will call and tell us that she wants us to steal back her jeep.
  • Anyway, here you will notice several enemy vehicles driving around and more importantly a Mounted Gun.
  • Use the Mounted Gun to take down the enemies. However, if you can no longer use it, then quickly switch out and use the Gunner on the enemy vehicles instead.


  • After successfully eliminating the enemies, we will now be able to steal Yami’s jeep (KAG TG)
  • Hop in the jeep and drive out of the area to complete the mission


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