Far Cry 6 – Second Son (Main Story Mission) Walkthrough

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Second Son is one of the many main story chapters, also known as Operation Missions.

Below is a simple guide on how to complete this one..

  • PREVIOUS MISSION: Clean the Air
  • NEXT MISSION: Packing Heat
  • REWARDS: 150 Guerrilla Experience
  • LOCATION: Montero Farm
  • RANK: Rank 4
  • QUEST GIVER: Carlos Montero
  • GUIDE:
  • Head to Montero Farm on Costa Del Mar and speak with Carlos to activate this mission

Steal a Military Paria Truck

  • As we leave the farm Philly will send us a photo of the Military Paria Truck that we need to steal
  • I actually came across one of these vehicles near an enemy checkpoint, slightly south east of Montero Farm
  • Enemy checkpoints are a really good location to go to if you are looking for specific enemy vehicles, including enemy convoy vehicles
  • Anyway once you have found one, steal it. Then head to Fuego Valley, north of the map

Drive the Paria Truck to Carlos

  • If you happen to get bored of driving, remember to hit the L3 button (Playstation) and the game will automatically drive you to your destination. Watch out though as the AI is terrible in this game.
  • Once you arrive at your destination, park the vehicle inside the garage
  • A scene will then trigger

Travel with Carlos to the Prison

  • We will now be in the back of the prison truck, with Carlos driving.
  • Unfortunately when we arrive it seems that Miguel has been taken to another location in the facility. It is now up to us to find him.

Rescue Miguel From the Prison

  • Here turn around and head up the stairs, once at the top you can find some Gasolina
  • Head up the next flight of stairs, do some scouting if you want, then continue on around the building.
  • There will be a security camera at the bottom of the next set of steps. Shoot it down.
  • If you continue on and head right at the next guard, there will be an alarm system. Disable it.
  • You can find Miguel inside the building here, to the right. Speak to him.
  • We will now need a Prison Keycard to unlock the door.
  • The Prison Keycard can be found on the second floor. It is inside a room with an alarm system on the wall next to it. It is to the north east of the prison facility.
  • With the Prison Keycard now in hand, return and free Miguel

Escape With Miguel

  • If you defeated the enemies in the area already, then you can simply use the vehicle near the exit.
  • Head to the marker on the map to report back to Carlos and end the mission


You’re going to help me bust Miguel out of prison, tourist.

You and me, we got some family business to take care of. Steal a prison truck, we’re going to need it to get Miguel out of n Outcast hell-hole


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