Far Cry 6 – Meet The Monteros (Main Story Mission) Walkthrough

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Meet The Monteros is one of the many main story chapters, also known as Operation Missions.

Below is a simple guide on how to complete this one..

  • PREVIOUS MISSION: The Guerrilla
  • NEXT MISSION: Napoleon El Pequeño
  • REWARDS: 150 Guerrilla Experience, Cigar Cutter (Charm)
  • RANK: Rank 3
  • QUEST GIVER: Clara Garcia
  • GUIDE:


  • At this point any extra dlc content will now be unlocked, that is providing you even purchased any to begin with
  • Our next objective is over at Costa Del Mar, over to the north west. So hop on your nearby boat and lets go!
  • When we arrive a scene will trigger and we will meet Philly


  • After the scene we will now need to head east. Before we leave though, there are some materials to be found including Gasolina (by the door), Recycled Glass (on the other side of the building), and Medicine (not too far away from the Recycled Glass)
  • When we arrive, the area will be an enemy stronghold. However, there are no guards to worry about so just head to the door, picking up the metal scrap on the way.
  • Head inside and you should spot a case with Gun Powder inside. As we continue we will see the fun Espada has had here, with enemy bodies scattered around.
  • Anyway Espada can be found upstairs and to the left. Interact with the door here to trigger a scene


  • After the scene follow Espada and you will quickly realise that more enemy soldiers have arrived
  • Keep following Espada and we will be taken outside, here we will confront the enemy. Don’t worry though as we can use the nearby Mounted Guns to our advantage
  • There will be quite a few enemies that spawn and we need to secure the area, so keep dealing damage and trying to stay alive
  • Watch out for the hazmat suited enemies, as they will attack you with red poison. Also, as the battles starts to come to an end, an enemy helicopter will also join to make things even more difficult
  • If you haven’t already be sure to use the Mounted Guns to make quick work of the helicopter, also take advantage of the Supremo attack too
  • After taking care of the enemy, continue to follow Espada to a bunch of horses. Ride one of them out of the danger zone.
  • Ignore the next set of enemies and keep following Espada
  • When we arrive at the Montero farm, get off the horse and a scene will trigger.


Make contact with the Monteros in Madrugada

They hate visitors, but Clara suggested to start by finding that mechanic Philly Barzaga, their gatekeeper, at his workshop in Costa del Mar. He might help


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