Far Cry 6 – Pics Or It Didn’t Happen (Main Story Mission) Walkthrough

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Pics Or It Didn’t Happen is one of the many main story chapters, also known as Operation Missions.

Below is a simple guide on how to complete this one..

  • OPERATION STORY MISSION: Pics Or It Didn’t Happen
  • PREVIOUS MISSION: Take Your Medicine
  • NEXT MISSION: The New Revolution
  • REWARDS: 150 Guerrilla Experience
  • LOCATION: Patriotas Peak – Sierra Perdida
  • QUEST GIVER: El Tigre
  • GUIDE:


  • Head north east to the BioVida Facility, its time to take some photos!
  • As we get to the entrance of the facility, the game will give us a tutorial on how to take photos. Simply hit the Up button on the directional pad to bring out your phone and then use the R1 button to take the photo
  • At the entrance to the building with the quest marker, there will be a few guards patrolling the area. One of these guards carries the BioVida Facility Keycard
  • One area that you can take a photo of is inside the PARIAS ZONA 2 building, which is to the north west of the area.
  • Head to the building further in, to the north east. Then interact with the valve
  • The valve will then activate a machine in order to drain the water. What you want to take a photo of can be found by the water
  • The final building to take photos in is to the south east of the area. In the BioVida building. You will need the BioVida Facility Keycard in order to unlock the door


  • With all of the necessary photos taken, return back to Patriotas Peak and speak with Lorenzo
  • The mission will then end


Bebe Tigre, these pictures are worth a thousand lies

Nobody really knows what happens beyond the walls of that BioVida facility. If Jonron is right, and the Castillo regime is doing something terrible to the Paria they capture. Go get photographic evidence so we can show Lorenzo


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