Far Cry 6 – The New Revolution (Main Story Mission) Walkthrough

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The New Revolution is one of the many main story chapters, also known as Operation Missions.

Below is a simple guide on how to complete this one..

  • PREVIOUS MISSION: Pics Or It Didn’t Happen
  • NEXT MISSION: Bullet Points
  • REWARDS: 150 Guerrilla Experience
  • LOCATION: Patriotas Peak – Sierra Perdida
  • QUEST GIVER: Jonron
  • GUIDE:


  • Head to Concepcion, east of Conuco
  • We will now receive a photo of the location to La Morai’s leader.
  • Follow the quest marker, if you fast travel to Concepcion then it will be right in front of you
  • Otherwise head south of the area and the building will be to the right. The doorway will have the words EL RINCON DEL RON written next to it
  • Head through this open doorway and enter the door by the large octopus graffiti
  • Alfredo will greet us. Continue to head downstairs and into the basement. A new Fast Travel will unlock (El Agujero)


  • After meeting up with La Morai’s leader we will now be tasked with rescuing hostages
  • Speak with the Guerrilla at the top of the basement and then follow him, ride the horse.
  • Once you arrive at the rather small farm, get off the horse and speak to the pilot (Calixto)
  • Calixto will now take us to the hostages that we need to rescue
  • When you reach the large ship in the water, jump off the helicopter and use your parachute to land safely. Unfortunately we will have to say goodbye to the nice views, for now at least.
  • Board the ship and rescue the hostages.
  • Whilst on the ship, use the ladders to reach the deck
  • Then search for the lever and interact with it. This will lower the cargo container full of hostages
  • Destroy the padlock to free the hostages. There is also a hostage chained to one of the pipes up on deck too, free him whilst you are at it.


  • With all of the hostages now saved, Admiral Benitez will try to ruin our plans of escape. Protect the hostages or in this case the Guerrillas
  • Use the Mounted Guns to eliminate the enemy planes!
  • When backup arrives, hop on their boat and eliminate the remaining enemies to complete the mission


Assist the young guerrillas in their missions.

Libertad needs to forget about the Legends of ’67 and partner up with La Morai. We are the people who actually want to liberate El Este from Castillo. First step is talking to my leader.


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